May 23

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization has been around for a very long time but it seems like it needs a better and improved version in order to survive nowadays. The current trend that is seo hosting is just the right thing if you need to save yourself and meet the current (read as forever increasing) demands from the websites. The technical setup especially of the old websites needs a total revamp. With the modern technology, it is now easier to attract more visitors and also to ensure that your websites does not turn out to be dud at any time.
Many search engines check the loading time and other factors related to a website’s performance and if a negative feedback is repeated again and again then they might write you off. This criterion makes the game even more challenging. It is fair on the part of the search engines though. They need to do this in order to provide the most suitable and relevant search results to the users and with a reliable and quickly improving host you can also confirm your inclusion in the same. While making this choice, please do not rely only on the popularity of the service provider.

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February 4

Magnetic paint

With an innovative product like magnetic paint, there is no dearth of the inspiring ideas that can be drawn from it. We must remember the difference between an invention and an innovation here. The reason I called this wonderful product an innovation is because that is exactly what it is. An invention until and unless proves to be commercially viable and useful for the customers is not called as an innovation. Although the common purpose for which any paint is used is house decoration but if we add magnetic properties to it, this purpose becomes multi-faceted.

The best use out of all possible ones, in my opinion, is the utility it offers that it makes the task of house decoration a joy and I can also turn the walls or any other surface into a chalkboard with magnetic properties. This is what turned the process of home decoration a family activity for all of my family members. My kids were beyond excited when they came to know about the magical wall in their room and how they can have fun playing with their chalkboard every day at home. It also very soon became a wall that all of my kid’s friends wanted to play with.

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January 22

Homemade pregnancy test

I used to be very cynical and would find most of the home based tips and tricks or remedies to be just a way of avoiding having to spend money. I used to think that is what people who are misers at the core of their hearts do. Well, after a little persuasion from my daughter who has made quiet a save of monies and has developed her own wisdom in these home made world of things, I decided to take on a few and see of they stood the test of me. If my daughter could write this on her own behalf to narrate the change that has overcome me, she would perhaps be using some big adjectives like amazing or unbelievable.

I think once I had accepted that basically, home based tips do work, I was ready to try out the ones which are not widely accepted and fortunately one of my very close friends who started feeling pregnant decided to help me when she agreed to try out a homemade pregnancy test to confirm whether she was actually pregnant or it was a false alarm. This was a real eye opener because to verify the results, I went along with her to her gynecologist when she took the test there and the results were a perfect match.

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December 22

Jobs for 14 year olds

While trying to understand the kind of jobs for 14 year olds that you can find online, I believe writing is a great option. Since most of the young people who go to schools have access to a computer and since they are continuously honing their academic and writing skills at school, there are many students who discover their creative abilities at this age. It is only right to be able to earn some money as an incentive to keep working on developing this precious skill. It also inspires them to cultivate their own unique skill set that shall set them apart from other teens their age.

This is growing increasingly important since the more unique you are, the easier it is for the employers to hire you. You can also gather all the great recommendations that your early employers give you. If you plan it well from the start, maybe with the help of a career counsellor, you can very well be done with the hard part even before your competitors become aware of it at a later stage in life. You shall already have developed a lead over them by working ahead of time. Believe me, planning ahead helps a lot.

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December 20

Shampoo for oily hair

Ambling through the toiletries aisle in the super market one day, I got to thinking about the simpler times of shopping when I was a young kid. There were no aisles to choose from, it was as if there were maybe a couple of competing brand sin the markets and everyone would be loyal to the one that suited their hair and scalp type. Now shopping for a shampoo for oily hair for my daughter alone takes me 15 minutes to make the right choice. It is a very different time now. Now, on the contrary to my thinking, my daughter thinks it is absolutely great that she can switch her shampoo to the next best thing which is available in the market.

It is a matter of affordability for her more than what suits her hair type. This is because among the ones that suit her, she has ample amount of choice and she would rather chose a brand that she can show off among her girl friends. The exposure to choice and decision making with a clear line of thought I think is a skill that she has developed at an early age and which came only after many years to us while she is so good at it in her teens.

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September 6

Food warmer

So today was the third day that we sat discussing about the decision to buy a food warmer. Now, it might seem like a trivial thing to an outsider. And that is exactly how my manager treated my request when I asked him if we can have a food warmer in our staff room. But, I and my team members are the ones who have to bear the harshness of cold food every single day. The lunch has turned into the meal that I do not really look forward too. I clearly remember that when I was not working, this challenge never really crossed my mind.

Now living at my parent’s, I consider myself lucky that I can pack a home cooked lunch with me and take it at office. But lack of a hot case or any other similar equipment just mars the joy of it. Many of my colleagues have turned passive towards it and have even lost interest in buying any sort of equipment now. But I cannot even fathom the idea of carrying on like this. I have been researching about the different brands that offer such equipment and I am already feeling positive that the scenario shall change soon.

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